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                                                                How to play as metal sonic in adventure mode!!

  •  First off, you have to download SADX memory editor, u can get it from this site, theres a tab for it if you didnt notice
  • Secondly, you must download DXWND witch allows you to play a game in window without having to change the actual file;12634669;/fileinfo.html
  • Next your going to want to extract DXWND, open up the folder and open up the DXWND with the icon that says MFC on it.  the your going to want to click on edit and then hit add.
  • Afte clicking add your going to want to hit the thing that looks like this [...]
  • Go to your sonic folder and Find sonic.exe or wat ever your launching thing for sonic is









OK so now your ready to play sonic in windowed   mode. YAY!!

  • Now we must set up The SADX mem hacker so we can play as metal sonic in Adventure mode!(please note that this only works with the japanese final version of SADx)(the japanease final version you can check when you open sad x through DXWND and open up the mem hacker it should say your version on the right hand side.)(and not this only works if you have unlocked Metal sonic as a playable charecter in trial mode, if you have not i have a copy of my game in which i have all 130 emblems unlocked i will post a link to it at the bottom of this page)
  • First things first, open up your SADX mem hacker and click on main memory
  • go to level and scroll down to what ever level you want to play metal sonic on...i usually do station square because u can go up to your chao garden and what ever(you can still go to your chao garden if you scroll down to chao garden on the level selector)
  • now that you have selected your level click on the box next to Level
  • Now open up SADX through DXWND, go to trial mode on SADX and select Metal sonic
  • Now Select Twinkle park as the stage you want to play on ( this will not change what you have checked in SADX mem hacker this is just how you start the game from here)
  • if this has worked congratulations u r not a loser!!(also please note that this will not work forever eventually u will get an error and sadx will need to shut down)

Heres the link to my SADX memory:;12634882;/fileinfo.html (to use this you must go to your sadx folder and click on savedata, the just place the file in there and it will be the third slot when you select which game you want to load during SADX)

Suicidel Retards mods

Here are some Metal sonic mods that i said i would add...None of this work is mine i found them on another website

Rename this file to CHRMODELS.DLL you will need it to look like these guys:;12635229;/fileinfo.html in order for these charecter models to work u must rename them to Metalsonic. All of these Chars can hover over the ground like the super sonic one at the bottom.

Super shadow;12635207;/fileinfo.html

Hyper Shadow;12635276;/fileinfo.html

Super Sonic;12635297;/fileinfo.html